Daisy Mae

Daisy and Luke still enjoy chewing their bones right next to each other.  Luke, age 11 now, has had some health issues with seizures and testing positive for Valley Fever.  He seems to be feeling better on his medication and we hope we have a couple more years with him. Dec 2007
Oh Mom, why do we have to stay in the kitchen when everyone is in the dining room having a holiday meal.  I promise I will lay under the table while you eat,  just like I do all of the time; and Luke says he will try really hard to stay down by the table and not put his nose up on the table -- he is a food hound though so it may be really hard for him!  2007

Daisy just turned 2 years old on February 15, 2006 and as you can see, she is still bugging Luke and wanting to lie on him -- he is such a good brother!

This was taken in June 2005 -- she wanted to  be
 on a Milkbone Puppy Biscuit box,  she didn't win!
Who could resist that face!

Daisy is definitely a "bird" dog -- here she is trying to tell me that "there is too a bird in a our tree" -- finally, now that the leaves are off the tree, she is not trying to climb the tree! July 2005

Puppy in a box, first day,  May 15, 2004
Loving big brother Luke......
After a bath
May 19, 2004
Tormenting big brother Luke......
Welcome Daisy Mae to the
 Rockin D Arabian Horse Ranch!  
When Mary went down to the Arizona Humane Society's mobile unit in Gilbert on May 15, 2004 she had no idea that the sweetest little girl in the world was waiting for her! They told her that you were a Lab mix  about 3 months old and you weigh 21 pounds. We think we see a lot of Golden Retriever in your coat and face, so perhaps you will be a Golden instead of a Lab.  But no matter, you have already won our hearts!
 You had been picked up as a stray on
May 7, spayed on May 11 and adopted by Mary on May 15 --
 Boy you had a very busy week!!!

Well Daisy, you are now in a "forever home", and you will be loved by all those who take care of you as well as all those who come to visit -- even Luke is beginning to love you!

Copying my big brother Luke.....

Look how I have grown -- Daisy 9 1/2 months

This is my new toy from the vet's office -- who is going to get it first?
Do you think I can sneak it away without Daisy knowing it?
Boy she sure can play a mean game of "tug-a-war"
Look how big I am getting -almost as tall as Luke!
Daisy is meeting "cousin" Chance for the first time, but it was really too hot to play outside!

Daisy resting after playing in the sprinkler...a girl has to cool off in this Arizona heat somehow!
Daisy at 5 months, making herself at home!
There's not much room on the couch when a human is on it, too!
Wrestling with big brother, Luke! Cage is getting a little cramped!

Daisy enjoying irrigation water!  A big bath tub!
Daisy  enjoying the view from the hay stack -- a real farm dog!

I love watching TV with my owners -- here I am watching Ice Skating --  but I really like to watch the Animal Planet and "Pets on Parade" (AZ Humane Society's Show)

WOW -- Christmas is a great time!
I loved all of my presents!
Hard to believe I am 10 months old in these pictures!

Luke got presents too -- but he wanted to open his in our crate -- guess
he figured I would try and take them away from him.........now would I do something like that???????

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