And yes, we sometimes
DO have mud in Arizona and Kaladdinn thinks a roll is  just the
thing to do.....................

And a little ball playing.....................
Just how dirty do you think I can get?
What, no food?  "Come on, Mom, I am starving!"
Now this is how Mom would like me to look all of the time.......
And yes, Kaladdinn has always loved to play ball,

These pictures were taken in June 2000 when he was almost 2 1/2.
(He says he doesn't like the last one, says his ears look too big...!)

And he thinks he is very special...
Which he is.........

Kalamity doing what she
did best -- being a sweetheart -- and
King Kaladdinn is showing off his "beauty mark" on his cheek...

Hy Komotion (Kalamity) was my favorite.  She is 12 years old in this picture (2000)  and was one of  those "once in a life-time" horses.

 Goodbye my special friend.................

Age 15 years old

Hy Komotion (Kalamity)

March 29, 1988 -  June 14, 2003
May 23, 2003
Hy Komotion (Kalamity) made her trip over the Rainbow Bridge very unexpectedly on June 14 around 6:30 a.m.  She was treated for colic on Friday evening and taken to the Arizona Equine Hospital around 11:00 p.m.  Surgery was discussed but according to the tests we felt that another few hours of IV treatment and sedation were the best course to follow in the hopes of avoiding surgery.  I was heading to the clinic early Saturday a.m. to OK surgery, but the Lord took that decision, thankfully, from me.  I hit every red light plus I had to wait for a train to go by on my way to the clinic.  As I sat there I had this overwhelming feeling that when I arrived she would be gone and so it was.  It was determined that she had a twist (torsion) at the  base of the large colon and surgery would have been very difficult.  She was a "once in a lifetime" horse that showed the true Arabian to so many -- from the school field trips, to first rides, a Vacation Bible School celebrity and just a week before she died, she was a "demonstration horse"  for a couple who were interested in showing their Arabians. They had contacted me for information through the AHA Mentor Program.  Good-bye my special friend -- you will be missed more than words can every say ...........................

King Kaladdinn, Kalamity's
son, was about 9 months old when this picture was taken in January 1999.  He's with his "mini" friend, Rowdy.

Now Rowdy has a new buddy to play with.....

This handsome guy who was born
 on March 1, 2002 is named
"Misty's Stormy Knight".
He is shown here with his  
mom, Misty, and
human owner Bekka.  
By the look of those legs,
I think Rowdy will have a very tall
friend to play with!

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